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Double Sloped Prefab House, Prefabricated House

Our double sloped prefab house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels for the walls and roof. In order to save space, the prefabricated house is delivered in a knock-down format which can be easily erected by the average worker with simple power tools and the assembly instructions. The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets, the materials are light and easy to pack and transport.

The double sloped prefab house can be broken-down and reassembled more than 6 times and has a service life of more than 15 years.

List of components

Number Component name Material Spec.
1 Ground channel C section steel C8#
2 Column Double C section steel 2C8#
3 Second floor and roof beam Steel truss 2C8#,L40
4 Second floor sub-beam C section steel C8#
5 Purlin Angle steel L40
6 Horizon bracing Angle steel L40
7 Corridor/sun shelter bracket C section steel C8#
8 Column brace Round steel bolt Φ8
9 Step board Steel plate with stripes T=2.5mm
10 Stairs Steel stairs  
11 Wall panel V950# color steel sandwich panel 50mm to 200mm thickness
12 Partition panel V950# color steel sandwich panel 50mm to 200 mm thickness
13 Roof panel V950# color steel sandwich panel 50mm to 200 mm thickness
14 Second storey flooring Multi-layer plywood 15mm to 20mm
15 Rain shelter Single layer color steel sheet 0.45mm
16 Windows PVC or Aluminum sliding window 0.93m*1.175m
17 Door Sandwich panel, Aluminum or Steel Plate 0.845m*2.1m

1. Environmentally friendly, no waste produced
2. Flexibility when fixing doors, windows and interior partitions
3. Beautiful appearance, different colors for the walls and roof.
4. Cost saving and convenient to transport
5. Rust proof with generally more than 15 years service life
6. Safe and stable, can withstand a grade 8 earthquake

Technical parameters of a standard prefabricated house

Wind resistance Grade 11 (wind speed ≤ 125.5km/h)
Earthquake resistance Grade 8
Live load capacity of roofing 0.5kN/m2
External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient 0.35kcal/hm2C
Live load of corridor 2.0kN/m2

Typical drawings

Henglida is a China-based manufacturer and supplier of double sloped prefab house. In addition to prefabricated houses, we also offer light steel villa, container house, steel structure building, sandwich panel, and much more.

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