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Modular House

Our modular house has a light steel structure with sandwich panels for the walls and roof. In order to save space, the prefabricated house is delivered in a knock-down format which can be easily erected by the average worker with simple power tools and the assembly instructions. The structure is connected by bolts and the walls are fixed with rivets, the materials are light and easy to pack and transport.
The modular house can be broken-down and reassembled more than 6 times and has a service life of more than 15 years.

1. Environmentally friendly, no waste produced
2. Flexibility when fixing doors, windows and interior partitions
3. Beautiful appearance, different colors for the walls and roof.
4. Cost saving and convenient to transport
5. Rust proof with generally more than 15 years service life
6. Safe and stable, can withstand a grade 8 earthquake

Technical parameters of standard prefabricated house

Wind resistance Grade 11 (wind speed ≤ 125.5km/h)
Earthquake resistance Grade 8
Live load capacity of roofing 0.5kn/m2
External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient 0.35Kcal/m2hc
Live load of corridor 2.0kn/m2

We are a professional manufacturer and supplier of modular house, based in China. Apart from prefabricated houses, at Henglida we also offer steel structure building, container house, light steel villa, profiled steel, and much more.

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