Two Floor Steel Villa

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Two Floor Steel Villa

1. Our two floor steel villas are made from a prefabricated and customized design
2. The villas are easy to construct and so are time and labor saving
3. They are fireproof, insulated against heat and cold, have no movement in working size and a low pollution factor
4. The wall and roof systems combine several types of all-weather resistant materials
5. New building materials are used which are environmentally friendly and energy conserving
6. The two floor steel villa has a useable lifespan of more than 50 years
7. Villas have a fire resistant rating of 1 to 4 hours, which can designed according to your requirements
8. All our steel villas have an exterior wall heat transfer coefficient of k = 0.417W/m2 K

Henglida is a professional two floor steel villa manufacturer and supplier located in China. In addition to light steel villas, we also offer steel structure building, container house, sandwich panel, prefabricated house, and profiled steel.

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Steel Villa | Integrated Building

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